Explore the Sample Pen Packs of 2020

New year, new products, more features designed to stand out from the rest. Explore the writing instruments selected for the 2020 sample pen packs, which offer some of the hottest product design trends in the writing instruments space. What's Included in the 3-Pen Sample Pack  The 3-pen pack includes a random sample of each of … Continue reading Explore the Sample Pen Packs of 2020

5 Self-Promo Ideas for the New Year

As P.T. Barnum once said, “Without promotion, something terrible happens... nothing!” As advertising specialists, marketing consultants, and promotional product distributors, you know that staying in sight is staying in mind. That’s why investing in self-promo campaigns and products is just the thing to help keep your calling card within reach year-round. Here are five self-promo … Continue reading 5 Self-Promo Ideas for the New Year

Here’s What’s Trending: The Bowie Collection

Sure, they may look similar at first glance, but not all pens are created equal. And that statement couldn’t be truer when it comes to the Bowie Collection. From concept to creation, the writing instruments in this collection were made like no other. The Beginning of the Bowie Collection There are seven pens in the … Continue reading Here’s What’s Trending: The Bowie Collection

3 Ways Branded Pens Benefit Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling Promo Pen with Wraparound Imprint for a Message

Everyone has a story to tell, including brands. Whether it’s one that conveys encouragement like NIKE’s “just do it” slogan, or one that inspires individuality like Apple’s “think different” campaign, stories are the messages that connect us. They make people, products, and brands more approachable and relatable. And while brand storytelling may be a relatively … Continue reading 3 Ways Branded Pens Benefit Brand Storytelling

Here’s What’s Trending: White Canvases for Spring + Summer

Trending Goldstar white pens for summer spring white brick coral ombre background

Spring has sprung, and so have the requests for full-color imprints on white writing instruments. Outside of branded promo products, take a stroll through any mall or department store and you’ll find that spring and summer bring an influx of lighter shades, including crisp-looking whites, soft pastels, and vibrant tropicals. Let’s hear what distributors are … Continue reading Here’s What’s Trending: White Canvases for Spring + Summer

Vertical Market Focus: Agriculture

Green Plastic Promo Ballpoint Pen Branded for Ardel Agriculture

“Delivering pure, all-natural, organic seed products to grow healthier communities.” –Mission statement of Ardel Agriculture* Case Study Ardel Agriculture was a longtime staple in their home state of Kansas, and was looking to mass distribute their seed products to farmers across the US. Breaking into a crowded market was no easy feat. To help increase awareness … Continue reading Vertical Market Focus: Agriculture

You’ve Got Options

Blue Metal Ballpoint Promo Pen Decorated 3 Ways Full Color and Laser Engraving

Options. It’s a great word, isn’t it? To those of us in the promo products industry, “options” indicate more creativity, more flexibility, and more branding potential. Metal Classics with 3x the Imprint Options More than a dozen metal writing instruments are now available in 3 different imprint options. If a customer is new to metal … Continue reading You’ve Got Options

The Color of 2019

Vision Grip Plastic Promo Pen with Customized Simplicolor Imprint Item PHG

In December, Pantone, the renowned global authority on color, announced their 2019 color of the year: Living Coral. It’s a 20-year tradition of selecting the color of all colors that will influence product design, making its visual presence into just about every industry for the year. According to the Pantone website, their designated color of … Continue reading The Color of 2019

Here’s What’s Trending: Translucents

We’d estimate that every person reading this post has come in contact with or viewed a translucent product in the last 48 hours. Here, we’re taking a look at some major shifts in consumer products that helped kick-start the translucent trend that’s continuing to make quite the impact across industries, including promotional products, and what … Continue reading Here’s What’s Trending: Translucents

Ink Benefits: The Best of Both Wells

EverSmooth Hybrid Ink in Customized Simplicolor Plastic Promo Pen

In our very best Seinfeld impression we ask: “What’s the deal with ink?” Some pens seem to dispense ink that’s thicker or thinner than others, and some just simply write better, depending on user preference. To better understand the benefits of the most popular types of ink, let’s look at the most commonly used pens … Continue reading Ink Benefits: The Best of Both Wells