How Branded Pens Added Extra Buzz Around Craft Brews

Co-branded beer brewery wide barrel Simplicolor pen with stylus

What does a craft brewery, frozen food company, and a grower of soybeans all have in common? The opportunity for co-branded marketing efforts. Like many businesses that manufacture their own products, these organizations rely on a network of distribution companies, a channel, to deliver their products into the hands of retailers and consumers. Whether it’s … Continue reading How Branded Pens Added Extra Buzz Around Craft Brews

Vertical Market Focus: Agriculture

Green Plastic Promo Ballpoint Pen Branded for Ardel Agriculture

“Delivering pure, all-natural, organic seed products to grow healthier communities.” –Mission statement of Ardel Agriculture* Case Study Ardel Agriculture was a longtime staple in their home state of Kansas, and was looking to mass distribute their seed products to farmers across the US. Breaking into a crowded market was no easy feat. To help increase awareness … Continue reading Vertical Market Focus: Agriculture

Vertical Market Focus: Healthcare + Wellness

Heart healthcare bright red heart stethoscope

“Keeping hearts beating gets our hearts pumping.” –American Heart Association In February the American Heart Association reminds us to fall in love with health all over again. Coinciding around Valentine’s Day, health awareness and patient outreach campaigns like American Heart Month provide the opportunity to educate patients and strengthen brand awareness for healthcare providers (HCPs). … Continue reading Vertical Market Focus: Healthcare + Wellness