Vertical Market Focus: Healthcare + Wellness

Heart healthcare bright red heart stethoscope

“Keeping hearts beating gets our hearts pumping.” –American Heart Association In February the American Heart Association reminds us to fall in love with health all over again. Coinciding around Valentine’s Day, health awareness and patient outreach campaigns like American Heart Month provide the opportunity to educate patients and strengthen brand awareness for healthcare providers (HCPs). … Continue reading Vertical Market Focus: Healthcare + Wellness

Here’s What’s Trending: The Midnight Series

Welcome to the Midnight Series: dark trims, vibrant barrels, and gunmetal accents. Decorated in laser engraved, 1-color silkscreen, or full-color imprint options, these dramatic trims, backgrounds, and accents make brands pop! Inspired by the high-contrast, mixed metal design trend that can be found anywhere from home architecture to the fashion industry, the Midnight Series brings … Continue reading Here’s What’s Trending: The Midnight Series

3 Tips to Deliver Impactful Promotional Products

Promotional products that are on target = brand magic. It’s having the right product, for the right customer, at the right price point. And the results—lasting, memorable, cost-effective impressions in the marketplace. But how do we get there? It begins by asking the right questions to present the right promotional products to customers. Outside of … Continue reading 3 Tips to Deliver Impactful Promotional Products