Pens as a Recruitment Tool

Did you know that millennials make up the largest living generation in the US, representing more than 25%1 of the country’s population? At more than 83 million people1, millennials are also the largest age group in the workforce. They have been described as tech-savvy, charitable, and connected. And for employers looking to attract new college … Continue reading Pens as a Recruitment Tool

Here’s What’s Trending: The Bowie Collection

Sure, they may look similar at first glance, but not all pens are created equal. And that statement couldn’t be truer when it comes to the Bowie Collection. From concept to creation, the writing instruments in this collection were made like no other. The Beginning of the Bowie Collection There are seven pens in the … Continue reading Here’s What’s Trending: The Bowie Collection

Why Campaign Consultants Use Promo Pens in Every Election

Candidates vying to secure a seat have one thing in common: they’re campaigning to win. And effective campaigning takes market research, strategy, and execution to appeal to the masses. That’s why candidates often turn to consultants to better understand and tap into their audience’s behaviors and motivators. Enter 360 Degrees to Win, a political consulting … Continue reading Why Campaign Consultants Use Promo Pens in Every Election

Campaign Ideas for Gift Sets

Fall often signals the beginning of gifting season for many organizations looking to reach out to customers to express their gratitude. But what if small displays of thanks and gratitude was part of an ongoing campaign (or multiple campaigns!), offering additional opportunities for brands and customers to connect? Here are just a few ideas and … Continue reading Campaign Ideas for Gift Sets

Designed to Stand Out

How do we keep end-users interested and engaged in what we’re offering? Updating your promotional product haul is always a great idea. And outside-the-norm product design elements that work to turn an everyday item into an EXTRA-ordinary brand experience is an even better idea. That's why all of the 60-plus new products recently released offer that … Continue reading Designed to Stand Out

Campaign Ideas for Schools Year-Round

Just like more companies nowadays, schools, colleges and athletic teams are also featuring full-color logos as part of their brand identity. And we’re continuing to see a growing demand around colorful (yet cost-effective!) promotional products, including writing instruments, drinkware and stationery items. The good news: there are SEVERAL promo product options for customers on a … Continue reading Campaign Ideas for Schools Year-Round

Here’s What’s Trending: Soft-Touch Rubberized Finishes

The promo products category is the one and only advertising medium that allows people to get in touch—literally—with a company brand, logo, or message. That’s why unique tactile experiences like product finishes can add an extra level of differentiation from one promo product to the next, for a truly one-of-a-kind advertising experience. From texturized to … Continue reading Here’s What’s Trending: Soft-Touch Rubberized Finishes