When Supply Consistently Meets Demand

Picture this scenario: a popular promotional product that’s easily sourced, locally manufactured, and has virtually unlimited inventory. Now picture a universal advertising tool that’s relevant to any vertical market or end-user; one that comes with standard 24-hour production and free shipping*. You’re now looking at Goldstar® Pens. Made and Decorated in the US** For more … Continue reading When Supply Consistently Meets Demand

Here’s What’s Trending: Eco-Minded™ Products

Eco is all the rage in promotional products. From goods made with renewable resources to reusable stainless steel canteens and drinking straws, the demand for ‘green’ products is growing. Here, we’re taking a look at the top-searched promo product categories, and teeing up some Eco-Minded™ options to consider for upcoming projects. Pens for the Win … Continue reading Here’s What’s Trending: Eco-Minded™ Products

Pens as a Recruitment Tool

Did you know that millennials make up the largest living generation in the US, representing more than 25%1 of the country’s population? At more than 83 million people1, millennials are also the largest age group in the workforce. They have been described as tech-savvy, charitable, and connected. And for employers looking to attract new college … Continue reading Pens as a Recruitment Tool

Explore the Sample Pen Packs of 2020

New year, new products, more features designed to stand out from the rest. Explore the writing instruments selected for the 2020 sample pen packs, which offer some of the hottest product design trends in the writing instruments space. What's Included in the 3-Pen Sample Pack  The 3-pen pack includes a random sample of each of … Continue reading Explore the Sample Pen Packs of 2020

5 Self-Promo Ideas for the New Year

As P.T. Barnum once said, “Without promotion, something terrible happens... nothing!” As advertising specialists, marketing consultants, and promotional product distributors, you know that staying in sight is staying in mind. That’s why investing in self-promo campaigns and products is just the thing to help keep your calling card within reach year-round. Here are five self-promo … Continue reading 5 Self-Promo Ideas for the New Year

Here’s What’s Trending: The Bowie Collection

Sure, they may look similar at first glance, but not all pens are created equal. And that statement couldn’t be truer when it comes to the Bowie Collection. From concept to creation, the writing instruments in this collection were made like no other. The Beginning of the Bowie Collection There are seven pens in the … Continue reading Here’s What’s Trending: The Bowie Collection

Why Campaign Consultants Use Promo Pens in Every Election

Candidates vying to secure a seat have one thing in common: they’re campaigning to win. And effective campaigning takes market research, strategy, and execution to appeal to the masses. That’s why candidates often turn to consultants to better understand and tap into their audience’s behaviors and motivators. Enter 360 Degrees to Win, a political consulting … Continue reading Why Campaign Consultants Use Promo Pens in Every Election

Campaign Ideas for Gift Sets

Fall often signals the beginning of gifting season for many organizations looking to reach out to customers to express their gratitude. But what if small displays of thanks and gratitude was part of an ongoing campaign (or multiple campaigns!), offering additional opportunities for brands and customers to connect? Here are just a few ideas and … Continue reading Campaign Ideas for Gift Sets

Decoration 101: Methods and Techniques for Creating Branded Promotional Products

In an earlier post we covered artwork basics, explaining the different file types (and why vector art is always preferred for printing material goods), as well as the color models and systems used in design. And while artwork is what gets imprinted on a promotional product, the decoration method determines how it gets there. In … Continue reading Decoration 101: Methods and Techniques for Creating Branded Promotional Products

Artwork 101: Files and Color Models

In this post we’re getting back to basics. We’re talking about the common artwork terms and color models referenced in design and customization of promotional products like writing instruments. If you’re a promo industry veteran, this post would be a great one to share with anyone new to the industry, as it helps answer some … Continue reading Artwork 101: Files and Color Models