Get to Know Team Goldstar: Justin P.


Justin P. is the Marketing Automation Manager at Goldstar.


Fun Facts: 

Outside of work you can find me trail riding, skateboarding, gaming, or doing a pub crawl with friends. I’m currently learning the local beach sport ‘over-the-line,’ which is played at an annual tournament in Mission Beach. To my celebrity dinner, I’d invite Kobe Bryant, Ross Perot and Ronald Reagan. Favorite musical bands include anywhere from Jay-Z to Glass Animals to French composer Claude Debussy… and the band 311 has a special spot because it’s my birthday.

My very first job was working for apparel retailer Finish Line. Best part of my current role is the constant learning and creating. The Goldstar product I’m using right now is the Bowie Softy (item #LUM-C).


Superpower of Choice:

Time travel


Best Concert Ever Attended:

Pretty Lights at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado


Favorite Movies:

The Rescuers Down Under, Bad Boys II, and The Sandlot


Favorite Quote:

“Take a shot, make a friend, enjoy the moment.” 

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