Here’s What’s Trending: Eco-Minded™ Products


Eco is all the rage in promotional products. From goods made with renewable resources to reusable stainless steel canteens and drinking straws, the demand for ‘green’ products is growing. Here, we’re taking a look at the top-searched promo product categories, and teeing up some Eco-Minded™ options to consider for upcoming projects.

Pens for the Win

Pens: the No. 1 searched term on ESP® in 2019.1 Practical, versatile and oh-so affordable, it’s no wonder pens are used in every type of campaign, across all industries and vertical markets. Here are three Eco-Minded™ writing instruments to explore.

Made of 100% recycled plastic
The barrel and cap of the Aqua Gel pen is made entirely from post-consumer recycled PET plastic (aka rPET). Its product design and shape resembles the very recycled single-use plastic soda bottles and water bottles it was made from.

Aqua gel ink pen (item# AEX-C) with a full-color inkjet imprint.

Made with reclaimed wheat straw
Wheat straw is the leftover material that remains after the grains have been harvested for food products. The sturdy straw (stalk) is then combined with traditional ABS plastic to create what’s often called ‘wheat plastic.’ More than one-third of the material used to create the Farina wheat pen comes from reclaimed wheat straw.

afk-c (2)
Farina wheat plastic ballpoint pen (item# AFK-C) with a full-color inkjet imprint.

Made with recycled coffee grounds
Aptly named the Espresso pen, 30% of the material used to create this plastic ballpoint pen is made from post-consumer recycled coffee grounds. This helps in reducing the overall plastic required for manufacturing. To add to its unique product design, the barrel of this pen has a textured pattern that resembles that of a pine cone.

Espresso coffee pen (item# AFN-C) with a full-color inkjet imprint on the clip.

Goodbye Single-Use Plastics, Hello Reusable Items

In 2014, California became the first state to enact legislation to ban single-use plastic bags. Fast-forward to today: there are eight states have bans on single-use plastic bags.2 And by 2021, Canada says it will ban single-use plastics like drinking straws and water bottles, countrywide.3

From cities to countries to global brands like Starbucks and McDonald’s, changes are underway for single-use plastics, and there is great opportunity for branded reusable items with staying power.

Pass the reusable drinkware
Water bottles: the second most-searched term on ESP® in 2019.1 Reusable water bottles, stainless steel wine tumblers and drinking straws, durable party cups, and so much more. There are reusable drinkware items, including USA-made drinkware, relevant for every brand.

It’s in the bag
Tote bags: the third most-searched term on ESP® in 2019.1 Made with renewable, 100% cotton, these canvas tote bags are great Eco-Minded™ options for the eco-conscious consumer.

Sumatra cotton canvas tote bag (item# UES-C) with a full-color inkjet imprint.

Durable woven tote bags, drawstring backpacks, and lunch bags are also great alternatives to single-use plastic bags.

Eco-Chic Bamboo
Called the “eco design trend that’s growing wild,” by, bamboo is not only eco-friendly, it’s eco chic. Known as the fastest growing plant on the planet, self-renewing bamboo can grow without fertilizers or pesticides, making it an eco-friendly material. Here are three examples of Eco-Minded™ promotional products that are made with or feature bamboo.

The cover of stationery item# NAM is made with renewable bamboo and is available for laser engraving (pictured here) or a full-color inkjet imprint.
The Tahiti ballpoint pen with a bamboo barrel (item# LCB) available with a full-color imprint (pictured here) or laser engraving.
This double-wall stainless steel canteen (item# WBO-C) has a trendy bamboo accent on the lid.

Explore Eco-Minded™ promotional products online at

References: 1. ESP Web – Leading Search Terms In 2019, Counselor, January 2020. 2. National Conference of State Legislature website. 3. Office of the Prime Minister website.


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