Pens as a Recruitment Tool


Did you know that millennials make up the largest living generation in the US, representing more than 25%1 of the country’s population? At more than 83 million people1, millennials are also the largest age group in the workforce. They have been described as tech-savvy, charitable, and connected. And for employers looking to attract new college graduates, learning how to appeal to millennials (and the Gen Zs that follow) is critical to retaining top talent. Enter the case of Elevate Tech.

Corporate Meets Social Culture

Elevate Tech was focused on targeting MBA students to join their team of business consultants. They knew that promotional products provided a takeaway opportunity to share their corporate culture and brand message with potential applicants. They also knew that social media was the preferred call-to-action for millennials.Using this information, they sought out a way to visually communicate the following about their company:

  • We offer a collaborative work culture
  • We have a casual, relaxed office environment
  • We are invested in and connected to our online communities
Flyer_Elevate Recruiting_v3_imprint
Artwork used to wrap a SimpliColor pen (item #PWG).

Presentation Matters

From color choice to word choice, a promotional product can help a company speak volumes about its brand. And product recipients take notice of what’s being said. According to consumer research conducted by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI)2:

  • 9 in 10 recall the branding of a promotional product
  • 8 in 10 recall the message from a promotional product
  • 7 in 10 recall the call-to-action from a promotional product
Case Study_Elevate Recruiting
Item #PWG provided 360 degrees of imprint area.

Elevate Tech opted to stock its recruiters with a promotional product that could be easily transported to job fairs, and one that offered everyday-use and relevancy to recipients. They selected a SimpliColor pen that afforded them a large imprint area to feature the the URL of their career website and social media handles, inviting prospective applicants to learn more about the company and apply for a job online.

Pens proved to be a valuable part of Elevate’s recruitment strategy. They were able to leave applicants with a tangible message about their company culture.

To view and download case study 9 featuring Elevate Tech, along with shareable content asset like the ones below, visit our online photo gallery and library of case studies.

Microphone over the Abstract blurred photo of conference hall or


*Case study based on an actual marketing event. Elevate Tech is a fictitious name.

References: 1. US Census Bureau website. 2. PPAI Consumer Study, 2017.

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