5 Self-Promo Ideas for the New Year


As P.T. Barnum once said, “Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!” As advertising specialists, marketing consultants, and promotional product distributors, you know that staying in sight is staying in mind. That’s why investing in self-promo campaigns and products is just the thing to help keep your calling card within reach year-round.

Here are five self-promo ideas to explore in the New Year.

1. The Business Card (Re-Imagined)
Take your business card to a whole new level by applying it to a pen. SimpliColor® pens offer a 360-degree wraparound imprint area, proving ample room to customize it with your business logo, contact info, hashtags… and even a headshot! From regular size to wide barrels, from metallic clips and accents to rich matte colors, explore a variety of SimpliColor® pens to help convey your brand and re-imagine the traditional business card.

card to pen
The business card pen.


2. Marketing that Changes with the Seasons
Spring, summer, fall, and winter are four great opportunities to get your name back in front of customers. Seasonal-themed stock backgrounds like the ones featured here, provide an easy way to quickly update your promotional products… whether it be once a year during the holiday season or four times a year to coincide with the seasons.

*Tip: Create calendar reminders on your phone, prompting you to refresh your self-promo haul.


3. Opportunity to Cut-In New Products
Looking to introduce a new promotional product to your customers? Perhaps new light-up keyrings or soft-touch rubberized items to go along with their drinkware, T-shirt, or tote bag order? Getting new products—with your name—in the hands of customers is always an excellent idea. Not only are products like the ones featured here practical and relevant for daily use, but they’ll conveniently have your brand, your name, your contact info imprinted on them, so customers know where to go to place an order.


4. New Decoration Converts
Convincing customers to explore new decoration methods can be a tough sell. That’s why seeing and holding one of your self-promo products featuring a new decoration method can be a powerful selling tool. Seeing an example of an extra-large laser engraving area or LED light-up logo in person can be very effective in convincing customers to explore new decoration methods.


5. The Drinkware’s on Me!
Early spring is a great opportunity to introduce customers to summertime drinkware options. This provides enough lead time for customers to try the product/s and place their own order for upcoming company picnics, team building events, and outings. Drop off a dozen self-promo cups with some packets of instant lemonade or iced tea to the front office in early spring. And if you’re feeling generous, cater a pop-up happy hour at the client site as a thank you, supplying beverages of your choice with your branded cups. 


Be sure to sign-up for email reminders about ongoing self-promo offers at www.goldstarpens.com.

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