Why Campaign Consultants Use Promo Pens in Every Election


Candidates vying to secure a seat have one thing in common: they’re campaigning to win. And effective campaigning takes market research, strategy, and execution to appeal to the masses. That’s why candidates often turn to consultants to better understand and tap into their audience’s behaviors and motivators. Enter 360 Degrees to Win, a political consulting firm tasked with helping contenders position themselves to win.

What’s A Must-Have Advertising Medium for Every Campaign?

If you guessed TV ads, they certainly do help, but they’re incredibly expensive and aren’t readily feasible for all types of elections and campaigns. No matter the arena, from school boards to city councils and beyond, there is one advertising medium that the team at 360 Degrees to Win uses for every type of campaign. Pens.


Regardless of voter demographics or party lines, everyone uses pens, making them a universal advertising and marketing tool.


Affordable, practical, and used on a daily bases, promotional pens can place a candidate’s name and message in the hands of the voters.

Flyer_360 Degress to Win_v2

Case Study_360 to Win
Example of a SimpliColor® pen that offers a 360-degree wraparound imprint, providing an ample imprint area to feature candidate info, key dates, , hashtags, and URLs. This is the Colorama + (item# CLX) pen, which has an imprint area of 4.127” x 1.207”.


Pens with a Purpose

Here are the top reasons the team at 360 used pens for every client:

  • Mass Appeal. Regardless of demographics, pens were defined as a functional everyday-use item that could be used by all voters.
  • Quick to Scale. At times the team needed to re-order 100 or 2,500 pens. Choosing a promotional product like a made in USA pen that offered deep inventory and 24-hour production was critical.
  • Custom Colors. Outside of the traditional red, white, and blue, the team at 360 was able to easily customize the pen to match their client’s brand color palette with using CMYK processing, which allowed for PMS color matching.


Promo Fact: According to consumer research conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising—even surpassing televised ads.*


To view and download case study 15 featuring 360 Degrees to Win, along with shareable content asset like the ones below, visit our online photo gallery and library of case studies .

Microphone over the Abstract blurred photo of conference hall or



*Case study based on an actual marketing event. 360 Degrees to Win is a fictitious name.

References: ASI Impressions Study 2019.

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