Get to Know Team Goldstar: Cindy W.


Cindy W. is the Marketing Coordinator with Goldstar.


Fun Facts: 

My very first job was working as a sandwich artist at Subway. I can still make a mean turkey sub! Outside of work I like to binge watch my favorite shows, cross-stitch and enjoy cooking. I also love music festivals and taking my adorable Labrador retriever to the dog park. I’m a video gamer at heart, currently looking forward to the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

At this very moment, the Goldstar pen that I’m using is the Bowie Pearl (item #MNZ).


Superpower of Choice:

The power of luck like the character Domino in the movie Deadpool 2.


Best Concert:

I attend a lot of EDM festivals, so I can see multiple bands. Love EDM.


Favorite Movies:

The Fifth Element, all of the new Marvel and DC movies, and Hocus Pocus (every Halloween).


Karaoke Genre of Choice:

Rap. I know LOTS of rap songs by heart.


Favorite Quote:

“Speak your mind even if your voice shakes.” –Maggie Kuhn

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