Get to Know Team Goldstar: Tracy M.


Tracy M. is the National Accounts Coordinator with Goldstar.


Fun Facts: 

In my free time I like to try new restaurants here in San Diego, and enjoy our local attractions like the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. During my last trip we even got to feed the giraffes! 🙂


Superpowers of Choice:

The Force. (As in the Force from Star Wars.)


Favorite Musician/Band:

Justin Timberlake


Favorite Movie:

Love the original Star Wars movies. 


Karaoke Songs of Choice:

“Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi


Best Part of the Job:

Love that we all work as a team, and that we work together to help each other out no matter what. And there’s lots of cool pens. 🙂 My go-to Goldstar pen right now is the Solana (item #PPU).

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