Designed to Stand Out


How do we keep end-users interested and engaged in what we’re offering? Updating your promotional product haul is always a great idea. And outside-the-norm product design elements that work to turn an everyday item into an EXTRA-ordinary brand experience is an even better idea. That’s why all of the 60-plus new products recently released offer that something EXTRA to help differentiate your branded goods apart from the rest.

Unique product features incorporated for added product differentiation.

Writing Instruments 

Popular product design elements include soft-touch rubberized, pearl and iridescent finishes, and unique plunger mechanisms like twist and clip plungers.

Promo Facts on Writing Instruments*

  • 89% of consumers own a promotional writing instrument
  • Earning 3,000 brand impressions
Jagger Midnight Softy metal ballpoint pen with a clip imprint and clip-release plunger (item #MML-C).
Bowie Pearl metal ballpoint pen (item# MNZ-C).

Calendars & Stationery

Popular design themes for calendars and dated goods include animals (who could resist puppies?!), hobbies and brightly colored designs. Popular journal styles include slim profiles and elastic closures.

Promo Facts on Calendars*

  • 57% of consumers consult their promo calendars on a daily basis
  • Earns 850 impressions


Which promo item can be used for a trip to the beach, grocery store, office or hiking adventure? Bags. Popular styles include quality totes with multiple pockets and zipper-enclosed main compartments, and backpacks.

Promo Facts on Bags*

  • 73% of consumers own a promotional writing instrument
  • Earning 3,300 brand impressions
Downtown Non-Woven tote bag (item #UED) available in a variety of popular colors.
Northwest – 600D polyester canvas backpack with multiple pockets.


More than 60 new products relevant for any industry or vertical market, offering daily use and daily brand exposure.


Let’s Talk Trends

From LED light-up logos to more soft-touch rubberized items, these new products were created to turn heads and promote brands through unique, everyday-use promo products. Below are some of the leading product design trends in our industry and in the broader hard goods space.

Examples of all-new items with mixed material, contrasting finishes and color mirror laser engraving.

Whether promo products are being used as part of a campaign to help reinvigorate sales around an existing product or introduce a new company offering, there are more ways than ever to customize and share branded goods with target audiences.

Explore everyday-use, everyday-relevant promotional products that were designed to stand out at


References: *ASI Global Ad Impressions Study 2019.

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