Get to Know Team Goldstar: Abbey H.


Abbey H. is the Northeast Regional Sales Manager with Goldstar.


Fun Facts: 

My very first job as a kid was working at my aunt’s produce stand in South Carolina. If I could have dinner with any famous person it would be Lisa Vanderpump because she has her own animal rescue, is a huge animal rights activist—and she’s just fabulous! Outside of work I like to read by the pool and spend time with family and friends.

Best thing about my job? Love to meet new people, and I love to see the look on customers’ faces when I tell them about NO SETUP FEES. Many of the offices have pets at work (and I’m a huge animal lover) so getting to see them is really fun!

The Goldstar pen I’m using right now is the Duplex pen-highlighter combo (item #PDX).


Superpower of Choice:

The ability to omit travel time: Snap my fingers and flash travel!


Favorite Concert:

Maroon 5


Favorite Movie:

Love Actually 


Karaoke Songs of Choice:

Love Elton John—any of his songs! I know them all.


Favorite Quote:

“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.” -Colin Powell

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