Get to Know Team Goldstar: Lydia F.


Lydia Flowers is the West Coast Inside Sales Representative with Goldstar.


Fun Facts: 

A little about me…  my very first job as a teen was working as a cashier at the largest fast food chain in the world. (Can you guess which one?) In my free time, I love trying anything and everything once. I thrive on adventure and love staying active.

Coolest thing about my job is having the ability to help our distributors brand promo products for their customers, and showing all the different ways they can do so with our virtuals. Everyone loves SWAG and I love bringing art to life!

Right now, my favorite Goldstar pens include the SimpliColor® line and the Bowie Softy (item #LUM).


Superpower of Choice:

The ability to fly.


Best Concert Ever Attended:

David Phelps Family Band


Favorite Movies:

The Little Mermaid and Gattaca


Karaoke Songs of Choice:

“Motion'” by Emotional Oranges and “Shot Clock” by Ella Mai.


Favorite Quote:

“Just breath, be yourself, and live free.” -My own quote 🙂


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