Get to Know Team Goldstar: Tina V.

Tina V. is an Inside Sales Representative with Goldstar.



Fun Facts: 

If I could have dinner with any celebrity or famous person (living or deceased), it would be Michael Landon because I’m a huge Little House on the Prairie fan, and love everything he produced.

In my free time, I love ‘garage sale-ing’. I go every Saturday morning—every chance I get—I’m obsessed with it!

The best thing about my job is interacting with customers and finding out exactly how they’re using our way cool products. It’s really not just a pen. A pen tells a story, it’s a memory, it showcases someone’s brand or event, and we always keep a pen nearby. I L-O-V-E our Très-Chic Brights Pen with Stylus (item #MHE-C). I’m using it now!



Superpower of Choice:

The ability to see into the future because we often needless worry about things that never happen. This way I wouldn’t worry so much.



Best Concert Ever Attended:

I recently went to an Evanescence concert and Lindsey Stirling was the opener. She’s a violinist and was phenomenal—so entertaining. It was one of the best concerts I’ve attended.



Favorite Movie:

All-time favorite: Gone with the Wind



Karaoke Song of Choice:

I love to sing, so I sing everything and make up the words as I go. But one of my favorites is “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper.



Favorite Quote:

“Don’t let someone’s bad actions cause you to have a bad reaction.” Charles Duggan told me this 25 years ago and I still love this quote.


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