Get to Know Team Goldstar: Andy C.

Andy C. is the Product Manager at Goldstar.


Fun Facts: 

Outside of work I enjoy spending time and playing with our four young kids: Danny (5), Ellie (3), and 11-month-old twins, Adam and Madeline. The coolest thing about my job is bringing exciting new promotional products to market. Right now, the Goldstar writing instrument I’m currently using is the Elite Slim Ombre (item #PWH).



Superpower of Choice:

Time travel



Favorite Composer:

Ralph Vaughan Williams



Favorite Movies:

Star Wars Series



We talk about Simplicity quite a bit at Goldstar. How do you define “Simplicity”?

Simplicity means focusing on what’s important to our customers—great products, excellent branding technology and strong value—while making it easier and more fun to do business.


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