You’ve Got Options

LDE_New Decoration Options

Options. It’s a great word, isn’t it? To those of us in the promo products industry, “options” indicate more creativity, more flexibility, and more branding potential.

Metal Classics with 3x the Imprint Options

More than a dozen metal writing instruments are now available in 3 different imprint options. If a customer is new to metal pens and laser engraving altogether, the standard laser engraving option is an affordable entry point to a traditionally expensive decoration method. Or, if they have a tried-and-true favorite metal pen that’s now available in full color, this is a great opportunity to see how their brand will look with a ColorJet™  imprint.

“Our goal here at Goldstar is to give our distributor partners the best options to promote each customer’s brand,” said Andy Crabtree, Goldstar Product Manager. “Whether you’re looking for the most affordable price point, quick-turn to meet an in-hands date, the largest engraving size, or a full color imprint, our imprint options offer more flexibility on some of our best-selling metal writing instruments.”

Distributor Tip: The price difference between each imprint option varies on average ~$0.20 each.

Let’s take a look at each imprint option below and its benefits.

ColorJet™ Full Color Direct Imprints

Item #LDE-C with ColorJet™ (imprint area: 2.283″ x .276″).
  • Great for illustrating a brand’s full color logo and imprint
  • Can produce 1 to 4 color imprints, including gradients
  • Item number is followed by ‘-C’ for ColorJet™
  • Standard production is 72 hours

LaserMax® Laser Engraving

Item #LDE-LM with LaserMax® engraving (imprint area: 2″ x .561″).
  • Great for larger logos and imprints, and extra lines of text
  • Item number is followed by ‘-LM’ for LaserMax®
  • Standard production is 72 hours

Standard Laser Engraving

Item #LDE with standard laser engraving (imprint area: 2″ x .295″).
  • Great for straight-line text and smaller imprints
  • Standard production is 48 hours
  • Most budget-friendly option

Here’s a list of metal writing instruments currently available for all 3 decoration methods mentioned above.

*Distributor Tip: The Matrix (item #DXL-LM) has our largest laser engraved imprint area at a massive 2” x .628”!

Virtual Design Boards

If you’d like to see how your customer’s brand would look with a standard laser engraving, LaserMax®, or ColorJet™ imprint, please email our team and we’d be happy to help.

LDE_New Decoration Options
Matte Très-Chic Family

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