Ink Benefits: The Best of Both Wells

EverSmooth Hybrid Ink in Customized Simplicolor Plastic Promo Pen

EverSmooth Hybrid Ink in Customized Simplicolor Plastic Promo Pen

In our very best Seinfeld impression we ask: “What’s the deal with ink?” Some pens seem to dispense ink that’s thicker or thinner than others, and some just simply write better, depending on user preference. To better understand the benefits of the most popular types of ink, let’s look at the most commonly used pens on the market.

Ballpoint Pens

Available in fine and medium tips, ballpoint pens use a thick oil-based ink that is suspended in an alcohol solvent. If you’ve ever used a pen and noticed a subtle scent of rubbing alcohol shortly after, chances are you were using a ballpoint pen. The alcohol-based solvent thins out the paste-like consistency of oil-based ink, so that it flows easily over the tiny metal ball found within the tip of the pen. When the pen is placed to paper or a writing surface, the user applies slight pressure as they write to keep the ink moving fluidly across the writing surface.

A key benefit of ballpoint pens is that the ink dries quickly, due to the fast-drying effect of the alcohol solvent. When applied to a writing surface, the alcohol solvent quickly evaporates, depositing the ink only.

Benefits of oil-based ink:

  • Dries fast
  • Doesn’t smudge easily
  • Works on different paper/surface textures (i.e. glossy or canvas)
  • Doesn’t bleed thru paper easily
Bowie Softy metal ballpoint pen (item #LUM-C)

Rollerball and Gel Pens

In contrast to ballpoint pens that use an oil-based ink, rollerball pens use either a water-based liquid or water-based gel ink. Pens that use the water-based liquid ink often have the term rollerball in the product name, while pens that use water-based gel ink will typically discern themselves as gel pens. Since gel pens use pigment instead of dye to color the ink, gel pens are often available in a wider range of vibrant ink colors. Like ballpoint pen ink, the water-based ink found in rollerball pens uses dye to color the ink.

A key benefit of rollerball and gel pens is that their water-based formula allows them to write effortlessly over uncoated paper. The user applies little to no pressure to continuously deposit strong lines, without any skipping on the writing surface.

Benefits of water-based ink/gel:

  • Writes effortlessly
  • Continuously, fluidly deposits ink onto non-coated paper
  • Pigmented gel ink comes in a variety of colors
  • Doesn’t easily clog within the pen
Laguna Gel pen (item #PJO)

Hybrid Ink that Writes Like a Gel, Dries Like a Ballpoint

Our proprietary EverSmooth® hybrid ink that’s featured in more than 30 pens, is a customer favorite for its ability to write like a gel and dry like a ballpoint. Made from a custom ink formulation, EverSmooth® hybrid ink is mixed to produce an ultra-low viscosity ink that offers the benefits of both ballpoint and rollerball pen ink.

EverSmooth® hybrid ink flows fluidly through the tip of a ballpoint pen, continuously dispersing ink with little to no effort from the user. Not only does it dry fast, but it doesn’t bleed thru the paper, which can happen from time to time with other pens.

Benefits of EverSmooth® hybrid ink:

  • Writes effortlessly
  • Doesn’t smudge easily
  • Doesn’t bleed thru paper
  • Doesn’t easily clog within the pen
  • Works well with different paper/surface textures (i.e. gloss or canvas)
PWA-SC-Lt Blue
Elite Slim pen with EverSmooth® hybrid ink (item #PWA)

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