Get to Know Team Goldstar: Charles D.

Charles D. is the National & Strategic Accounts Manager within Goldstar’s Sales team.


Fun Facts: 

At home I’m eighth on the totem pole. It’s my wife, our two girls, two dogs, four rent-to-own chickens (it’s a long story, but worth the time), and then me. I recently completed the Ironman Triathlon in October that took place in Louisville, Kentucky. My current favorite Goldstar product is the Elite pen (item #CTQ).



Superpower of Choice:




Favorite Band:

Sound Tribe Sector 9



Favorite Movies:

The Indiana Jones Series and Rocky Series



Karaoke Song of Choice:

“Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch



Favorite Quote:

“No stress. No worries. Keep moving.”


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