Here’s What’s Trending: The Midnight Series

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Welcome to the Midnight Series: dark trims, vibrant barrels, and gunmetal accents. Decorated in laser engraved, 1-color silkscreen, or full-color imprint options, these dramatic trims, backgrounds, and accents make brands pop!

Inspired by the high-contrast, mixed metal design trend that can be found anywhere from home architecture to the fashion industry, the Midnight Series brings these popular design elements to value-priced promo products. Color accents that convey a modern edge can now be found in plastic and metal writing instruments, including  ballpoint and rollerball pens, and light-up items.

Color Matchups

Teamed with rich jewel tones like royal purples, azure blues, and deep berry reds, black midnight color accents help create a striking visual, making a head-turner out of everyday use writing instruments and more.

Sprinter Midnight pen (item #PMJ)

And when cool gray gunmetal accents are teamed with solid barrel colors, the effect is one of modern sophistication, and clean lines.

Bowie Softy ballpoint pen (item #LUM-C)
Bowie Softy ballpoint pen (item #LUM-C)

Two Are Better Than One

What’s better than one product trend? Two. A number of the Midnight Series products feature the ever-popular rubberized soft-touch (aka “softy”) product finish that offers a unique, memorable tactile experience.

From polished to matte, plastic to metal, laser engraved to full color, the Midnight Series delivers a product design that’s simply out of this world.

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