Shareable Content to Help Grow Your Business

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Great content is essential to every industry’s marketing and customer outreach activities, and the promotional product industry is no exception. Distributors are finding that content like social media posts can help increase customer engagement. Those “Likes” and “Shares” account for building brands and engaging customers. And customer engagement is always good for business.

From articles with tips and tricks to product images to sales flyers, we’ve put together a list of easy-to-share content resources that we’ve created, and are available for you to re-purpose and share with your customers as part of your marketing activities.


Every product page has a selection of product images that are available for download. To download a zip file containing all available images of a given product, simply select the “Download Image” option. If you’d like to download a specific image only, simply right-click on the image and select the “Save Image As” option to download it to your computer.

In addition to product images, we have a selection of lifestyle photos available that showcase promotional products in everyday settings like an office or retail location.

Lifestyle photo of Bowie ballpoint pen (item #LUM-L)

Social Media

On Facebook and LinkedIn posts, you’ll find buttons to “Like,” “Comment” on, and “Share” content.

If you’d like to share a post or video directly from our Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, you’d simply hit the “Share” button. Alternatively, if you’d like to save down the unbranded image to your computer, simply click on the image so that it expands. Next, right-click on the expanded image, where you’ll be able to select the “Save Image As” option to download the unbranded image to your computer.

Case Studies and Blog Posts

We have a number of vertical market case studies that illustrate how pens have proved to be functional, everyday use promotional products that can help contribute to the success of a business. Case studies are in PDF format and are available for download.

Last month we launched this very blog, In the Promo Know with Goldstar. Blog posts can be easily shared on social media, or you can copy and paste the content that’s relevant to your customers into an email and share as you’d like.

Sales flyers also make for a great shareable asset that can be downloaded and emailed to customers, or shared on social media.

Blog_2018_Cost of Marketing Pens Image
Image from earlier blog post


From our YouTube channel, you have the option to embed, share, and email unbranded or branded videos. To begin, simply click on a video, and from the menu bar located directly below the video, select “Share.” From here, you’re able to share the video or copy the video link to share on various social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

To embed a video into your website, select “Embed” to obtain the HTML code. Next, copy and paste the embedded URL into your website.

YouTube Embed

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these content resources.

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