3 Tips to Deliver Impactful Promotional Products

Promotional products that are on target = brand magic.

It’s having the right product, for the right customer, at the right price point. And the results—lasting, memorable, cost-effective impressions in the marketplace. But how do we get there?

It begins by asking the right questions to present the right promotional products to customers.

Outside of knowing a customer’s in-hands date and establishing a comfortable budget range, we recommend these 3 tips to promotional product distributors.

Tip #1: Ask customers about the goal.

For the vast majority of customers seeking promotional items, there is a common goal: drive awareness around a business, message, or cause. But for others, the goal may be something more measurable that can link back to ROI. For example, some customers may find great benefit in pens that have large imprint areas like the one pictured below, allowing for ample room to print coupons, promo codes, or hashtags to support various marketing goals. While other customers may be looking to communicate their message in 360 degrees of full color imagery or a mirrored laser engraving.

CTR_Imprint Area

Grip Write ballpoint pen (item #CTR)

Tip #2: Ask customers about the audience/end-user. 

A large expo event to launch a vegan food item, a job fair for engineers in the tech space, or a grand re-opening of a pizzeria are all very different types of marketing activities with very different audiences. Getting a snapshot of the targeted industry and the likes of its customers will help determine the right type of promotional product (i.e. reusable tote bag, stainless steel tumbler, or writing instrument), for a given audience.

Tip #3: Ask customers about brand guidelines.

Not every customer will have a set of brand guidelines, but more than likely they will have a logo and a color palette. In addition to color (the look of a brand), there is personality—the perception or feel that a brand emanates. If a customer’s brand personality is on the “fun and quirky” side, or if they’re looking to stand out as the “up-and-coming techies” in an otherwise conservative market, promotional product features like a brightly colored barrel with a full color imprint or a unique vented grip, can be used to help communicate traits of a brand.

Sonic Brights ballpoint pen with ColorJet (item #MKP-C)

Whatever the goal or color palette, whomever the audience, there’s a promotional product solution to best share your customer’s message.

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