Inspiration, Where Art Thou?


Check on customer orders, follow up with new customer requests, input new orders, and grab a bite to eat somewhere in between. It’s the welcomed cycle of mayhem that most entrepreneurs and independent distributors in the promotional product industry experience on a daily basis. As one distributor put it: “I thrive in organized chaos.”

But what happens when deadlines are tight and a customer doesn’t have background artwork to use on a coffee mug or other promotional product?

Inspired Designs Lie Ahead

We understand that not every customer will have access to a graphic designer or creative team. This is where SimpliColor® stock design themes can make a huge difference. Selected to scale to top-selling promotional products on the market, SimpliColor® stock design themes were created with easy artwork in mind.

From holiday themes to vertical market themes like healthcare and finance, we offer distributors more than 100 free creative stock design themes to customize with a customer logo. This is a great option for customers looking to run a seasonal marketing campaign or in need of creative artwork that relates to their industry (i.e. education).

Care to see a personalized virtual demo of how a customer’s logo will look with one of our stock design themes? Explore SimpliColor® products and let’s get creative!

Vision Grip ballpoint pen (item# PHG)





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