When Supply Consistently Meets Demand

Picture this scenario: a popular promotional product that’s easily sourced, locally manufactured, and has virtually unlimited inventory. Now picture a universal advertising tool that’s relevant to any vertical market or end-user; one that comes with standard 24-hour production and free shipping*. You’re now looking at Goldstar® Pens. Made and Decorated in the US** For more … Continue reading When Supply Consistently Meets Demand

Get to Know Team Goldstar: Justin P.

Justin P. is the Marketing Automation Manager at Goldstar. Fun Facts:  Outside of work you can find me trail riding, skateboarding, gaming, or doing a pub crawl with friends. I'm currently learning the local beach sport 'over-the-line,' which is played at an annual tournament in Mission Beach. To my celebrity dinner, I'd invite Kobe Bryant, … Continue reading Get to Know Team Goldstar: Justin P.

Here’s What’s Trending: Eco-Minded™ Products

Eco is all the rage in promotional products. From goods made with renewable resources to reusable stainless steel canteens and drinking straws, the demand for ‘green’ products is growing. Here, we’re taking a look at the top-searched promo product categories, and teeing up some Eco-Minded™ options to consider for upcoming projects. Pens for the Win … Continue reading Here’s What’s Trending: Eco-Minded™ Products

Pens as a Recruitment Tool

Did you know that millennials make up the largest living generation in the US, representing more than 25%1 of the country’s population? At more than 83 million people1, millennials are also the largest age group in the workforce. They have been described as tech-savvy, charitable, and connected. And for employers looking to attract new college … Continue reading Pens as a Recruitment Tool

Get to Know Team Goldstar: Erica M.

Erica Mikulsky is the Key Account Marketing Manager at Goldstar. Fun Facts:  My very first job was working at Vans Shoes in Venice, California. Outside of work I enjoy paddle boarding, hiking, spending time with my family and traveling. If I could have dinner with any famous person it would be Kate Middleton, Duchess of … Continue reading Get to Know Team Goldstar: Erica M.

Tapping into the Memorability, Creativity of Self-Promo Campaigns

Funny. Creative. Unforgettable. The ‘Simplicity Brothers’ campaign has been described many ways, but boring was never one of them. We’re breaking down the why and how behind one of the most memorable (and award-winning!) self-promo campaigns in our industry. Bringing Simplicity to the Masses When Goldstar® Pens launched its Simplicity Business Model that focused on … Continue reading Tapping into the Memorability, Creativity of Self-Promo Campaigns

Explore the Sample Pen Packs of 2020

New year, new products, more features designed to stand out from the rest. Explore the writing instruments selected for the 2020 sample pen packs, which offer some of the hottest product design trends in the writing instruments space. What's Included in the 3-Pen Sample Pack  The 3-pen pack includes a random sample of each of … Continue reading Explore the Sample Pen Packs of 2020